Upcoming NFT Collections

Our first NFT Collection will come on the 12th July 2023 - stay tuned on Twitter, Discord and Telegram!

The pricing and quantities available will remain the same as before, but we’ve enhanced the schedule, added a few extra bonus features, accelerated the item reveals, and increased the number of items each NFT holder will receive. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Mint Details

The Avatar Mint is a special event for players that will be performed in stages, beginning with a reveal, the Weapon Mint, the Armor Mint, and finally, a Merge Event.

The date for the Avatar Mint remains the same, July 12th, as well as the quantities and pricing for the tiers:

Champion Tier

  • Qty: 500

  • Price: 0.04 ETH

  • Limit: 1 per user

Whitelist Tier

  • Qty: 1500

  • Price: 0.05 ETH

  • Limit: 2 per user

Public Tier

  • Qty: 3000

  • Price: 0.06 ETH

  • Limit: none, first-come, first-serve until gone

Avatar NFTs minted during this stage will determine the overall rarity, character aesthetic features, and be either male or female

Each character will be truly unique, featuring different facial features such as eyes, mouth, etc., and is hand-drawn by our award-winning artist herself! No two of this 5,000 piece collection will be the same, with some traits and combinations being far more rare than others.

The Reveal Event

The Reveal Event will occur three days after the Avatar Mint begins on the 15th of July, allowing holders to discover the traits of each of their Avatars. Here you will reveal whether they are male or female, what species, and their base characteristics.

The Weapon Mint

The Weapon Mint will occur one week following the Reveal Event on the 22nd of July. This free mint event allows you to mint 2 random weapons as NFTs to equip your Hanzo Avatars and use them in the upcoming game.

The Armor Mint

Following the Weapon Mint will be the Armor Mint, another week later on the 29th. Similar to the Weapon Mint, this is another free mint event that will allow you to mint 2 random pieces of armor to later use in-game and complete your Avatar for use as a PFP in the Merge Event.

The Merge Event

The Merge Event is the final stage of the series. In this event, you will equip your Avatar NFTs with the weapon and armor NFTs of your choice to complete the set and finalize the looks of your Avatar. This can be used as your PFP in the upcoming game, Forge Universe dashboard, or anywhere on social media. There is also one more exciting and exclusive use for your newly completed Limited Edition Avatar we’ve yet to share!

Limited Edition Phygital NF-Tees!

Each fully equipped Avatar from this event can produce and receive a “1 of 1” T-Shirt featuring their new creation in all its glory. Each NFT holder can produce only one of these per NFT held. These will be custom-printed and shipped to your door anywhere in the world for a fixed price of $70 USD which also covers shipping and handling.

Now you can guarantee no one else at the party or any event will have the same swag you do as your display your pride in the legendary upcoming MMORPG: The Legend of Hanzo.

Game Gear Airdrop and Bounty program

In case you missed it, or are simply new here, be sure to also check out the details of our Game Gear Airdrop for a chance to receive one of 75 awesome prizes, including a new Alienware gaming laptop and more! As well as our bounty program, with USDT, rare/epic weapon prizes, and champion/whitelist spots for the upcoming mint.

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