The Legend of Hanzo MMORPG

Forge Studios proudly brings you the best from Web2 and Web3 with an ambitious, first-of-its-kind, Web2.5 MMORPG: The Legend of Hanzo

The world is truly yours to conquer, with everything from the gear and the gold to the land and even the shops in the towns can be claimed, bought, plundered, owned, sold, or managed by you, the players.

Set forth on an enthralling adventure filled with rich lore, Adaptive Sound, and Intelligent NPCs. Unite with fellow players for exhilarating boss raids, battle for glory and riches in the Guild Wars, and hone your profession of choice. Farm materials for crafting or selling, experiment with new recipes, or run the best potion shop in town.

Whatever you choose to do, your destiny awaits in The Legend of Hanzo.

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