In-game Economy


Traditional MMORPGs were the first to offer extensive in-game economies where players are able to directly benefit from their efforts by trading their valuable crafted or looted items in the marketplace. In modern community-driven game economies, players feel every minute of their time spent grinding and collecting resources for crafting is meaningful.

The Legend Of Hanzo is pioneering a new type of user-driven, free market economy that affects the entire MMORPG world for all players, contributing to the game's persistent and evolving narrative.

You are free to compete or cooperate. You can set your own prices for items you sell, offer rare crafted or unique items other vendors may not. You can operate and own any shop in town, and even hire other players to help or assist you with tending your farms, mining for resources, and so forth. No NPCs, or group thereof, will forever own a monopoly on the blacksmithy industry, tell you what your rare items are worth, or even govern the town itself.

Shop NFT's Examples:

Digital Assets

All digital assets (or items) in The Legend of Hanzo have a finite supply based on their rarity class. All items you collect or craft are truly owned by you, and able to be sold to other players, the shops, to guilds, or others in the in-game marketplace or external marketplaces via other supported Web3 methods (i.e. NFTs).


  • Gold

  • Items - all types, weapons, armor, etc.

  • Resources - various types and rarities

  • Land

  • Shops

  • Crafting Recipes

  • Pet Companions and Mounts

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