Every adventurer heeds a call to action - helping those in need, fighting evil, and so forth.

Quests give you an opportunity to prove your mettle, gain valuable experience, level up, unlock new areas, and receive valuable rewards or rare loot to progress in the game.

Quests are specific objectives with rewards for accomplishing either solo or with teammates. Key to leveling up, quests are the mainstay of your otherwise boundless story, keeping you on track, gaining experience, unlocking new areas, and finding valuable loot.

The Legend of Hanzo invites you to dive into a boundless and immersive realm, ripe for exploration. Embark on exhilarating adventures and tackle engaging quests that will lead you to uncover the many secrets hidden within this immersive MMORPG.

Quests come in many types:

  • Main Story Quests

  • Side Quests

  • Class Specific

  • Event-Based

  • Daily Quests

  • NPC Generated

For players with a bit of wanderlust, or those who simply wish to take a break to write their own story, or achieve their own goals, you may explore a multitude of environments, full of intelligent and unique NPCs, each with rich backstories and more to offer in terms of quests, lore, and more.

It is entirely possible to choose your own path and explore the game how you see fit, to gain experience and equip yourself the way you would play. Meanwhile quests provide a straightforward and endless path to advancing and developing your character and delving deeper into the Legend of Hanzo.

Some of the games special features are built around unique quest experiences. To create those experiences AI is used to generate dialogue and quests that are then created based on your circumstances in the game or other possible triggers. Therefore, the whole range of the game can only be discovered by exploration and it its footsteps following AI based individual experiences.

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