Any Digital Asset in the Hanzo universe can be minted into its equivalent NFT form, destroying the previous digital ‘twin’ in the process, and vice-versa. This allows you to import and export items in and out of the Hanzo universe, becoming portable across other Web3-compatible marketplaces and apps.

The Weapons and Armor has different Rarities which will be available in game also.

Future mintable digital assets in the Hanzo economy include:

  • Gold

  • Items - all types, weapons, armor, etc.

  • Resources -various types and rarities

  • Land

  • Shops

  • Crafting Recipes

  • Pet Companions and Mounts

Shop NFT Examples

$HANZO makes this possible for the user to produce the NFT on the supported chain of choice, ensure inventory checks, mint, power the smart contract, and other required on-chain/off-chain functions. This ensures the game economy, both on the game side and blockchain side, is secure and prevents duplication of items or other hacks.

Legend of Hanzo NFTs can be freely traded anywhere outside of the Hanzo universe on compatible Web3 marketplaces. When users wish to use their NFTs in the game, they can deposit them into their game wallet, import them, and have them available in their inventory upon re-entering the game world.

More details will be released on Hanzo NFTs in following editions. Stay tuned!

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