The Legend of Hanzo Lore

Delve into the world of The Legend of Hanzo and uncover the story through lore-driven quests. The story of Hanzo will be yours to experience and discover first-hand as the world expands and new plots arise.

Story excerpt:

Once upon a time, long ago, in the kingdom of Larbuz, there were 4 masters of magic. They served the king of the land, Joshu the 14th.

They were loyal to him for a long time. Until the day when Joshu asked them to do something dangerous and foolish at the same time. A magic spectacle in honor of his birthday which should surpass everything before. Shocked that the 4 masters should risk their lives for the pleasure of the king, they decided to talk to the king. Their concerns, advice, and fears were shot down by the king. It was not the first time that the king acted in such a narrow-minded way. The people suffered under the rule of the king who only cared about himself. Frustrated and angry, the masters made a plan to overthrow the government of this country.

The king's birthday had come, and in expectation of a great magic show, the king invited his entire court. The masters had made their preparations to overthrow the king. The spell, which was not less dangerous than the one the king asked them to perform, had its desired effect. The whole court and the king were banished to a shadow world, but not without a sacrifice, the masters, after the banishment spell, could no longer draw on all their magical power. From now on, each master was limited to casting one element and the magical feeling of the world was weakened. Thus, the masters divided the kingdom into equal parts among themselves and ruled the land of Larbuz.

Over the years, the masters became quarrelsome and began to attack each other.

One day, the island of Zieer was affected by the war. A resident of the island, a simple farmer named Hanzo, was tired of living under this war. He decided to stand up against the 4 masters. He set out to train, for in his current state he could do nothing against them. So he moved across the country to learn different martial arts and techniques. Thus began Hanzo's hero's journey, learning not only to strengthen himself for battle, but also to develop himself spiritually. On his journey, he learned about the world and how to use the technology available to him. In the fight against the 4 masters, Hanzo met fellow warriors who joined him against the 4 masters.Many eyes watched Hanzo and his friends in battle, but not all were well-pleased with him.

The weakened magical fabric caused cracks to appear all over the continent and monsters from the shadow world appeared.

Hanzo fought one master after another and banished them. But Hanzo changed over time. The once good-natured Hanzo became more ruthless and aggressive. When Hanzo had banished all the masters, nevertheless, Hanzo did not change. He realized that there was something wrong with him. So Hanzo meditated for a long time, days and weeks passed. Until he realized that there was something deep inside him. Something he didn't want to have inside him. Hanzo began to split his mind and split his evil " self " from himself. A shadow Hanzo emerged that was up to no good with his newfound freedom. Hanzo, still weakened from the separation, could do nothing at first and the shadow figure escaped.

Hanzo quickly realized that he had made a mistake and went on to put this evil in its place. When he found his shadowy counterpart, a fight broke out that is unparalleled to this day. Hanzo and "Dark Hanzo" fought each other continuously for 3 days and 3 nights. Whole mountains were erased from the maps.

When Hanzo was almost at the end of his rope, he decided to lock the evil away forever. Hanzo cast a spell so powerful that he had to pay a high price. He sacrificed his life to imprison "Dark Hanzo" in a crystal of life energy.

This day has entered history as the "Day of Hanzo". Once a year, the citizens of Larbuz honor Hanzo's deeds.

Decades after these events, the Players begin their journey as a Novice to train at the Three Schools of Hanzo: studying Spiritual, Martial and Innovative Arts. This was the way of Hanzo; his rigorous training in each area of study allowed him to challenge the Four Masters. In honor of Hanzo, his children opened up the schools, and vowed to pass on the knowledge that brought great strength to those brave enough to train for generations.

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