Character Development


Character development in The Legend of Hanzo offers a vast array of possibilities and unique combinations, virtually guaranteeing no two players' characters will be the same.

Players can develop their character in an extensive variety of ways, tailored to their play styles, desired roles in groups or solo, PvP, PvE, or their overarching goals within the Hanzo universe.

Every decision you make impacts not only your own chances of success but also other players. You are truly free to write your own story, intertwined with all others in this persistent world MMORPG, forever. So, choose wisely adventurer!

Beginning your adventure

Start by selecting your species, each boasting unique traits and perks along with specific stat trade-offs.

Next, select your class, each of which grants you a select range of powers, access to class-special equipment and weapons, and unlocks the class-specific skill trees to invest skill points earned as you level up to unlock or upgrade new powers.


As you explore, battle, farm, craft, and more you will earn valuable experience and additional skill points for individual skills such as these.

Adding another layer of depth to the Legend of Hanzo universe, players may specialize in professions to align with their play style and objectives, such as becoming a powerful Land Baron, a formidable mercenary for hire, or the town's top Alchemist.

While items and equipment can be found, bought, gifted, or otherwise swapped at any point in the game, your character development is unique to you and your character is one of the only valuable digital assets that cannot be traded, bought, or sold. Making the character's experience valuable, as well as non-transferable, ensures balance in the game for players versus those who would otherwise attempt to overpower other players by purchasing lots of unique equipment, gear, and other items. Combat, crafting, and other important skill levels can only be improved the good old-fashioned way – with experience.

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