AI Features

Intelligent Non-Player Characters

While many players may have their nostaglic favorites, not all of us are excited to hear the same phrases spoken over and over again each time we visit towns, shops, or talk to any NPC for that matter.

Previous limitations on RPG and MMORPG NPC dialogue were largely due to the fact every input and output had to be narrowly defined and manually coded. Now, with Large Language Models and AI integrations, we can breathe new life into every NPC and set a new standard for immersive game worlds.

The Legend of Hanzo will feature NPCs that not only have unlimited dialogue, but can share real-time directions, information they would be privy to, and have unique and rich backstories they would be happy to share if invited to.

You can speak to them as you would a real player, rather than select from pre-defined choices. They will remember you and be current on any recent changes in town they may be aware of as a resident, for example, rather than oblivious to the world around them.

NPCs may also aid you on your quests with helpful tips or information, provided they have a favorable disposition and enough encouragement to do so. You may even be able to discover new items, clues, quests, and adventures that you would otherwise never encounter in the main storyline.

Adaptive Soundtrack Compositions

The Legend of Hanzo will feature AI-composed music scores depending on environmental triggers to enhance the experience and immerse the player further with the appropriate ambience.

Whether your party is rejoicing in victory and splitting your plunder or a terrible foe has awakened, gone are the days of the same repetitive music!

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