Hanzo ($HANZO)

Game/Goverance Token

OLD Blockchain: Polygon (MATIC) NEW Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH) ReLaunch Date: tba Purchase: tba​ Token Tax: 0%

Utility Governance DAOs: Used for decision making & voting in guilds and on future game

Ingame Purchases, Asset Store Currency and Merchandise Shop Purchases

Future of $HANZO

Old $HANZO supply: 100 Trillion

New $HANZO supply: 50 Billion

This is a 2,000x reduction of the original total supply.

This means that if you had 1,000,000 tokens, you will now have 500 as the proportional amount, as 1,000,000 / 2,000 = 500.

Team and advisory pools that were previously unlocked will now be cliffed and vested, to show our long-term commitment to The Legend of Hanzo and the community. We have also removed all buy and sell taxes that were on the previous contract.

Plan for Hanzo Holders

We will be distributing an additional +25% of $HANZO tokens from our team supply pool to all $HANZO token holders to compensate for this period of illiquidity until trading is resumed post-relaunch. Previously we had planned to burn these tokens, but have decided in favor of distributing a large portion to our community instead and vesting the rest.

With the 2,000x supply reduction, if you had 1,000,000 tokens, you will receive your proportional amount on the new $HANZO contract of 500, plus the additional 25%, which brings the new balance to 625 $HANZO.

We have also created an airdrop pool of 2% of the total supply, which we will distribute as rewards for holders of Hanzo NFTs. 50% will be distributed upon the relaunch TGE and the remaining 50% will be dedicated to those who stake their Avatar NFTs.

Relaunch date

The date of the relaunch will be announced upon the conclusion of our upcoming Hanzo Avatar Mint, which is currently scheduled for July 12, 2023.

We are able to launch the new token with the old liquidity amount of ~$60K, but after careful consideration, we have decided to launch with higher liquidity of $180K or more. The Hanzo Avatar Mint will provide the funds for the relaunch with the additional liquidity and, upon completion, will provide more than triple the original liquidity available.

For more details on our upcoming Avatar Mint, check out our Medium article.

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